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Visiting Magnolia Home in Waco, Tx


Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well! This weekend my family and I met with my friend Alley and her family to visit Magnolia Market’s new addition Magnolia Home. If you know me I am a huge fan of all things Joanna Gaines. I was lucky enough to have met her and have dinner with her before she opened Magnolia Table. Check out this post here. When I found out she recently opened this section with her own furniture line I knew I had to visit. Best part its connected right next to Magnolia Press their new coffee shop! Check out some of the pictures below inside Magnolia Home.

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Intentional Living – Magnolia X Darling Weekend

Hey everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. Today I am sharing all the details of my weekend with the Magnolia Journal and Darling Magazine, and how I met my idol Joanna Gaines, but most importantly what I learned through sharing our thoughts about intentional living. If you haven’t gotten the latest Magnolia Journal, the main topic is about intentional living. I’m also going to show you a sneak peek look at their new restaurant Magnolia Table which we were fortunate to be the first to dine at with Joanna. I am still pinching myself at the thought of having dinner with my idol and being able to live my dream through this passion of mine. Thanks for everyone for all the support and joining me in this little space of mine. So today I am sharing what intentional living means to me, and our wonderful weekend with Magnolia Magnolia Journal and Darling Magazine.

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