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Springing Into 2019 #DSWSTYLESQUAD – Living In Gratitude


Hey friends!

Hope you had a great weekend! Today I finally get to share a secret I have been keeping from you and something I am so thankful for. This year has provided us with so many blessings and so many things to be thankful for. This year I get the opportunity to continue as part of 2019 #DSWSTYLESQUAD for DSW with ladies from all over the U.S. Last year I had the privilege of being part of this amazing squad with some of my best girl friends from Houston. It was one of the most amazing opportunities of my life. Being able to continue another year with such an amazing company that believes in me and my business is truly a humbling experience. But regardless of the big milestones, the new opportunities there is so much to be thankful for in our everyday life. Today I wanted to share a prayer with you about living life in gratitude. Something I strive to live by everyday regardless of life’s circumstances, and something I hope to continue to bring into the new year. Read more below:

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