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Pregnancy Q&A


Hi friends!

Hope you are doing well! I can’t believe I am officially out of my first trimester. It’s been a whirlwind full of joy and anxiety especially after going through the losses we had with our previous miscarriage.


How did you found out you were pregnant?

I was getting really tired during the day. I thought it was because I was working out and pushing myself.  But one day we had a family photo shoot and after we got home from lunch I was so tired I took a nap. I decided after I woke up I should probably take a pregnancy test, while the boys went to the park. Sure enough to my surprise it was positive. I was so in shock I called Josh and then took two more pregnancy test to confirm.

How long had you been trying before you got pregnant and did you conceive naturally?

We had been trying for over two years before we took a break and ended up conceiving naturally. We tried tracking ovulation and even used a fertility specialist, before we decided to take a break after being unsuccessful after our first miscarriage. We did find out it was because of my thinned uterine lining from my IUD I had been using for four years that was causing my miscarriage and infertility. There’s more to this story of how I conceived “naturally” and overcoming infertility, but it will require a different post to get into more details.

Did you have any symptoms before your positive pregnancy test?

I was extremely exhausted was my first symptom. I knew something was off when I couldn’t shake the exhaustion for days.

Pregnancy symptoms you’ve experienced thus far?

I had horrible morning sickness and exhaustion. It was worse than when I was pregnant with Jayden. I wasn’t sick in the mornings. I was sick from lunch to night and could never get a good night sleep. I remember everything I ate made me want to throw up. I slept all day. I was miserable from 5 weeks to 12 weeks. But now I definitely feel so much better! It’s like night and day!

 Have you had food cravings or aversions?

I love sweets and carbs, and can’t stand spicy or meat which was exact opposite with Jayden. Josh has been making this meat alternative meals called Beyond Meat and I love it.

What are you eating now?

I’m back to eating normal meals like before my pregnancy. Lots of salads for lunch and Starbucks bacon gudas for breakfast. I’m trying to make up for the past trimester where I ate junk because it’s all I could stomach.

Are you going to find out the gender? Will you be doing a gender reveal?

Yes. We just did our NIPT test for genetic testing and gender. We should know in a couple weeks, and we plan to do a fun gender reveal with close family and friends on New Years Eve!

 Are you exercising like normal?

My first trimester I was on my last week of 4 Week Focus on Open Fit, but I could barely finish the program because of how sick and tired I was. Now I feel better I am slowly getting back into my normal workout schedule. I try to workout while I can throughout the pregnancy because it helps my body stay strong through the pregnancy and also helps with getting back in shape after the pregnancy.

How did you deal with anxiety between first trimester appointments?

It was so hard to not have anxiety especially after having two miscarriages in the first trimester. I had to have some deep conversations with God to get me through the first trimester. Even now I still have anxiety, but working out and keeping busy has helped keep my mind off of the “what ifs”. Also I bought me this baby doppler to listen to baby’s heart beat, and it has helped me calm my nerves in between appointments.

How many children do you want to have?

As many as we can afford lol. We’ve always planned to have a big family so whatever God blesses us whether it’s through birth, fostering, or adoption we will be very thankful.

Are you still Fostering?

Yes. Currently we are in limbo waiting for our house to be built. We have done all the training, but not the home study. We want to wait till we are in our permanent home to do a home study. Currently we are renting so it isn’t the ideal situation for us. We are foster mentors which is a nice alternative to being foster parents at the moment and still get some hands on experience.  Currently mentoring a sibling group, and it’s been the best experience so far. You learn so much about yourself as well as the foster care system and how you can make a difference in it.


This was our most recent ultrasound at almost 13 weeks. Look at baby waving hello in the second picture. It’s the cutest thing!

Cuddling with our newest addition Cheeto. He is the sweetest cuddly kitten and loves laying next to baby belly at night.

We are so thankful to share this journey with ya’ll, and I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A. I will be sharing more about our secondary infertility journey soon as I had tons of questions about that. I will probably do a Youtube video because it will probably be a long post if I don’t. So stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by!

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