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5 Things I Learned From Being Body Shamed On Social Media


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I am back after a much needed break for Spring Break. Honestly I was so exhausted with my son off school for a week, and my husband gone for work I didn’t have time to work on my blog. But I am back and today I am sharing something personal that happened to me that I hope can shed light on an issue that negatively affect us on social media. A couple weeks ago I posted a workout video that was advertised through Instagram. I had people comment on my post saying things like I looked anorexic, I needed to eat, and I was too thin to workout. Very false assumption that many people have about anorexia and fitness. Body shaming is a prevalent issue on social media, and there are so many misleading misconception about “health” and how “healthy looks”. I sat there thinking what I wanted to reply back to the comment, but then I realized this…

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