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Spring Rompers for under $50

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Happy Monday everyone!,

It’s officially Spring, and I am loving the beautiful weather. It’s already warm here in Houston, so I’ve already brought out the shorts and summer wedges. This weekend I wore this adorable keyhole romper for brunch with my blogger babes. This Spring romper for under $50 is perfect for brunch with friends, or even for Easter with family. Check out how I styled this keyhole romper, and some of my favorite Spring rompers for under $50 below!

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Blogging 101

Blogging 101 – Time Saving Tax Tips to Help You Stay Organized

Thank you TurboTax  for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting those who support this blog.

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When I found out I would be filing taxes as a self-employed blogger for the first time this year I automatically became overwhelmed with stress. I mean the stress that makes you freak out because you don’t know what the heck you are doing. I knew nothing about filing taxes as a self-employed business owner, and I was overwhelmed about the whole process. Plus, I had a million questions: how do I track my expenses, what can I write off, how do I calculate my taxes? All valid questions for any first time self-employed business owner. And as a mom on top of being  self-employed business owner, taxes are the last thing you want to stress about. Continue reading “Blogging 101 – Time Saving Tax Tips to Help You Stay Organized”

Blogging 101

Instagram Tips – The Ugly to Truth About Growing Your Instagram

Instagram Tips - The Ugly to Truth About Growing Your Instagram by Houston blogger Dawn P. Darnell

Hey guys,

This post is a post that is a long time coming. It is a subject that has gotten so much backlash, caused so much drama, and is also a mystery for many bloggers starting out. But now that I have interns who help me with my every day social media, I teach them everything I know about maintaining and growing my social media channels. There is so much that goes into growing your social media, and Instagram is a big part of it. For those starting out it might seem overwhelming when you are not growing at the rates some bigger bloggers are. But what most people don’t realize is there is a lot of back end people don’t tell you that goes into growing Instagram. And unfortunately it isn’t always fair and it isn’t always organic growth either. So this post isn’t your cookie cutter Instagram tips post you might read everywhere else. This post is the nitty gritty ugly truth about growing your Instagram.

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