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Easy to Make Watermelon Drinks for Summer

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TGIF everyone! Are ya’ll excited for Memorial Day weekend? I know I am! I wanted to share with y’all this fun watermelon drink recipe you will want to incorporate this weekend when you are celebrating. When we had our summer crawfish boil (view decor here) earlier this month, I made these Easy to Make Watermelon Drinks for our party. It was such a hit for all of our 21+ guest who wanted something cool and refreshing to drink. Both drinks and jello shots were super easy to make and only required one watermelon. I am no Pinterest queen here, but I do love making a few cocktails here and there, and these were perfect for our party. I used the watermelon flesh that we didn’t use for the jello shots to make the watermelon sangria mix. Below I’ve linked the recipes for these Easy to Make Watermelon Drinks for your next summer party or BBQ.

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