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9 Eyeshadow Looks With Morphe 35V


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Hope ya’ll are having a great week! Last month during quarantine I decided to join the #eyeshadow challenge where I shared eyeshadow looks picked randomly using the Morphe 35V palette. I have had this palette for over a year and only used a handful of colors. So I though this would be a good way to finally challenge myself and use all the colors in this Morphe 35V palette. In this challenge I numbered these eyeshadow colors and put the numbers randomly in a bowl and picked between 3 to 4 colors until I used every color. I honestly was surprised how the combinations turned out. Check them out below!


9 Eyeshadow Looks With Morphe 35V

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I was surprised for the most part on how Morphe 35v blended in so well, even with the very bright and contrasting colors. It’s a great eyeshadow palette for under $36 with thirty five colors to choose from. I found this eyeshadow palette had tons more purple and cooler colors than I would normally wear. These combinations were definitely out of my comfort zone. But I am glad I got to try all of these colors out because now I won’t be so afraid to use these colors or mix and match them. You can definitely get tons of different looks from this palette. I hope you enjoy this beauty review. Which combination is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by!

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