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6 Must Have Baby Items As A Second Time Mom

 Must Have Baby Items

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Hope you are having a great week! I did a Q&A last week and this was one of the most asked question. As a second time mom what were my must have items. I have to say since the seven years when I had my first a lot has changed, and there are so many new things that I wish I had with my first that I can’t live without with my second. Here are my top six must have baby items below!

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6 Must Have Baby Items

  1. PopYum Bottles – My friend recommended this to me which is such a genius idea. No need to worry about your bottle expiring because it keeps the formula and water separated until you are ready to use. So easy just push and shake! It’s great for feeding on the go, traveling, or having pre-made bottles ready for those middle of the night feedings. This bottle helped us out so much with night time feedings, and has been so convenient when traveling!
  2. Sleep Sack – Seven years ago this was such a new thing, I never heard of it. Instead I struggled with swaddling with my first. My son always managed to get out of it and wake himself up. Out of all the sleep sacks we have tried this is my favorite DREAMLAND sleep sack and is a game changer. Ella started sleeping through the night at three months old! Use my code DARNELL15 to get a discount at checkout!
  3.  Doona –  When I saw they came out with this carseat stroller several years ago I knew I had to have it with if I was going to have another baby. The pain of having to carry a car seat or push around a big stroller every time we went anywhere with my first was not pleasant. This is a must! I’m so glad I got this, even my husband thinks it’s the best invention ever for parents. I get tons of questions about this all the time, and my answer is YES IT IS 100% WORTH IT!
  4. Play yard – I love this play yard because it is a secure play space that babies can move around in. Plus with all the pets we have, we wanted Ella to have her own space without the pets in her space. Our dog will lick her every chance he can get lol. Plus this play pen has its own easy to clean and soft play mat included.
  5. Sound Machine – We never had one with Jayden and let’s just say he wasn’t the best sleeper. However we got this since we read so many great reviews. I honestly wasn’t a believer until she started to sleep through the night at three months old. We keep in on playing non stop, so anytime she is in their for naps or bed time she has a soothing atmosphere. Plus you can also control everything from an app on your phone.
  6. Baby Electric Nail Filer – So with my first I was so scared of cutting his nails, that my mom has cut his nails since he was a baby. Every weekend he goes over there she always cuts his nails. But now that I found this super easy electric nail filer, it has been a game changer. It doesn’t hurt, very baby proof and works so easily on their nails. Ella is use to it now. She just sits there while I file her nails. If you have a strange phobia of cutting baby nails you need this!

Doona stroller, must have baby items

One of the many reasons why I love the Doona is how convenient it is. Plus it has adjustable handles so even Jayden can push her around.

sleep sack, dreamland sleep sack, baby must haves

Always happy when she wakes up with her sleep sack. She has the best sleep!

Our sound machine that we play 24/7. We love it! You can see more of the nursery here!  An inside look of our play pen. Jayden loves playing with Ella in there. It’s a great size!

 Must Have Baby Items


 I can’t believe how many amazing things they have for moms these days. It makes taking care of a baby so much easier! I hope this post was helpful for all you moms and future moms.

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