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4 Reasons Why Mom’s Night Out is Beneficial For Your Family

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Last Saturday I had such an amazing kid free day with my girlfriends and blogger babes filled with brunch, the pool, and endless amount of wine. It was definitely much-needed for this momma. Let’s face it no one likes a stressed out angry mom, and when you have been in the house all week potty training your very active two-year old like I have this past week, the walls of your home can seem like they are closing down on you. So when Saturday rolled around I chucked up the deuces at my husband and my son, and from 9am till 11pm I was nowhere to be seen. I needed a day to just recharge, hang out with my girlfriends, and feel validated that I was more than just a potty maid waiting on my son’s every bowel movement. So here’s the deal mamas I know we can feel guilty for having time for ourselves, but today I am going to prove to you why mom’s night out is beneficial for your family. So next time you do have a Mom’s Night out you can be stress and guilt free.

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