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Turning Three – Family Goals 2018

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed Wednesday’s post. With the snow day we had, and some really exciting news I had, it through me off schedule. But today is a special day because our little man turns three today! I cannot believe how time flies when you have kids. I just can’t believe how big Jayden is getting. This past year he has done tumbling, soccer, snowboarding, and currently in swimming, and next month he will start t-ball! This year will definitely be an active one for our little guy. He has so much energy, and he is such a team player. I am one proud momma to see my little guy grow up to be such a smart and sweet little boy. He amazes me everyday with everything he does, and he certainly pushes us to be the best parents we can be. This past month my husband and I went over some family goals we had for this New Year, and today on the blog I am sharing those goals with you plus our beautiful family pictures in Colorado! Can you believe this is a frozen lake behind us? Check out more below! Continue reading “Turning Three – Family Goals 2018”