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Family Beach Maternity Shoot

Hi friends,

Hope you are having a great week! This will be my last official post before baby #3 arrives! I can’t believe it’s happening and sooner than expected. We go in for a scheduled c-section this week and honestly I am so nervous. This will be the first out of all my three babies. It wasn’t what I had planned, but because of my placenta previa this was what my doctor recommended. I do trust my doctor hundred percent so I am trying not get my fears get the best of me. Trying to soak in these last moments as a family of four and wanted to share our family beach maternity shoot we did last week. Thankful for these memories and for my beautiful family. They are my biggest blessings. Check out the full shoot below!



Thankful for my sweet family, and I’m so glad we were able to take these pictures together and capture these moment together. Can’t believe we will be adding another one soon!

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Hawaii Family Beach Photoshoot

Hawaii family beach photoshoot, Oahu, family photography, travel photography

Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well! I am so excited to share with you our Hawaii family beach photoshoot. When we were planning this trip I knew I wanted to capture these memories for my family. I feel like family photos are the best type of investment that will bring you endless joy. Hawaii was absolutely stunning and it the beach and the mountains made the perfect backdrop for this shoot. Check out more of our family shoot below!

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For this photoshoot we wanted to incorporate the Hawaiian culture with these beautiful leis from Sweet Blossoms Hawaii. Irene was so sweet to work around our busy travel schedule to get make these leis. I wish my haku lei could have lasted forever so I could have taken home. We took these photos at Kaawa Beach during sunset which had the perfect palm trees and mountains in the back ground. I still can’t get over how beautiful these photos came out.

Our photographer Lili did such an amazing job. She was also so kind to work with our busy work schedule, and with my crazy goofy guys. I would definitely recommend her if you are in Hawaii. She even took stunning maternity shots for me. I hope you enjoyed our Hawaii Family beach photoshoot. Thanks for stopping by!

Check out our Oahu, Hawaii family travel guide here!

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Photos by Lili Photography

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Oahu, Hawaii Family Vacation Guide

North Shore, Hawaii, family vacation

Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well! I recently just got back from a fun trip to Oahu, Hawaii with the family. I had a fun hotel collaboration so I decided to invite the boys to tag a long too and make it a family vacation. We had an amazing time! However, a lot has changed in the months that we had planned this including me getting pregnant, and Hawaii enacting some strict COVID mandates that we weren’t big fans of. Today I am sharing the pros and cons of visiting Hawaii post Covid lockdowns and what to expect. Plus what fun things to do, where to stay, and eat with family in this travel guide. Check out more below!

pregnancy style, haku lei, Instagrammable places, Hawaii, Hawaii beaches, Oahu

Oahu Hawaii Family Vacation Guide


Alright guys so if I had to complain about one thing on this trip it would be this section right here. Hawaii is constantly changing their rules and mandates when it comes to Covid and traveling. There is more leg work and research that needs to be done before hand to even get into Hawaii. It probably has more restrictions than some international places we have visited. Check out Safe Travels Hawaii for the most recent updates. On top of that it’s about an eleven hour travel time from Houston, with two flights and one of them six hours long. Being pregnant and sitting for six hours on a plane was not one bit comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend if pregnant.

Another thing to consider when traveling to Hawaii is the strict mask/vaccine mandate laws. You literally have to have your vaccine card and a mask to get into restaurants, movie theaters, tourist spots like Pearl Harbor, ect. Coming from Texas where we have more liberties, it was not something I enjoyed especially being pregnant. I would recommend so many other beautiful states and destinations for vacation spots with less strict mandates like our recent trip to Mexico and Grand Tetons. Plus who wants to be on vacation wearing a mask every where and having to bring your vaccine card like it’s an ID. NO THANK YOU.

Aside from that Hawaii is a beautiful place, with rich history, culture, and people. I would one hundred percent recommend it as a travel destination, but I wanted to be completely honest with you on the current COVID restrictions. I hope these restrictions go away so that you can truly enjoy all it has to offer. So if you are reading this and the mandates have changed or you are still interested in traveling to Oahu, Hawaii check out the rest of my recommendations below!

Oahu Hawaii family vacation guide, Hawaii sunset, Waikiki beach, Waikiki, family trip

Getting Around in Hawaii:

The best and most efficient way to get around Hawaii is to rent a car especially with a family. Ubers are available but can take awhile and get expensive if you want to go to several different places. If you plan to just stay in one area like Waikiki you could technically walk everywhere from the hotel we stayed at. However you would be missing out on North Shore which was one of our favorite places to visit!

Weather in January in Hawaii:

We were worried at first that we would be going during the rainy season, but the weather was nothing but sunny days when we went. Supposedly we just missed their huge rain storm they had two weeks prior. The weather was perfect when we went. It was between 70 to 82 degrees the whole time! Not too hot and just warm enough to enjoy the ocean and beach!

pregnancy bump, pregnancy bikini, Aston Waikiki beach hotel, Oahu Hawaii travel guide


We stayed in two areas on Oahu, Waikiki and North Shore, both great areas offering two different vibes of Oahu. For the first half of the trip we partnered up with Aston Waikiki Beach hotel located right on the main strip of Kalakaua Ave.

There were only two negative things I could think about when staying at the hotel one is they require a Vaccine card for all guest, but that could apply to all the hotels at that time we went because of Hawaii’s mandate, and two the room we stayed at was on the smaller side. But honestly we weren’t in our room that much so it didn’t really bother us at all.

Alright so now with all the positives about staying at the hotel. Number one is the location. Location was unbeatable. The beach was located right outside the hotel. We were located next to the zoo (perfect for the kiddos), and tons of restaurants literally right there next to the hotel. For the most part you had everything you needed within walking distance, including all the luxury shops you heart could desire!

The service was great, the pool was nice, and we always had unlimited towels that we could take to the beach or whatever adventure we were on. The restaurants were great and conveniently located so we didn’t have to travel far when we got hungry. There is an ice cream shop, and acai shop, and a Starbucks below which was exactly what this momma needed to fulfill her cravings. Overall if you are staying in Waikiki, I would one hundred percent recommend Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel!

Aston Waikiki Beach hotel, cut out dress, maternity outfit, pregnancy style, vacation style Waikiki, Hawaii, beach, black bikini, bump style, pregnancy vacation style

For the second half of the trip we ventured up to North Shore where half of our itinerary destinations were and rented an Airbnb. The only reason I would not recommend it was because it did not have a central AC. But it was in a nice secluded community  right next to the beach and tucked away from the bustle of the city. It was also ten minutes from the Polynesian Center, Kualoa Ranch, and one of our favorite hidden local beaches. Plus since it was private they didn’t ask for your vaccination card. If you stay at a local Airbnb just make sure to ask about the AC if that is something you are use to because some homes or condos do not have it.

heart sunglasses, The Deck, Hawaii, Places to eat, Oahu Hawaii travel guide


There were three places we ate that we would highly recommend! We loved the food so much we ate their multiple times! Below are our top three recommendations below!


Less than a ten minute walk from our hotel we found this beach front cafe on Queen’s beach. I loved walking there because the beach park is so vibrant with locals, tourist, artist, birds, and wild life. This was one of the first restaurants we ate at and we loved it! From the tacos, the acai bowls, poke bowls, and the gourmet plates there wasn’t anything I would not recommend. It is that good! We ate here three times! The food is reasonably prices, they have a beautiful view of the beach and park, and they make the best pineapple smoothies! If you are in Waikiki you have to go here. The only downside is they do require a vaccine card to eat in, but I think that applies to all eat in restaurants with the recent mandates.

Queen Kapiʻolani Hotel, DECK, HAWAII, FOOD


Situated on the 3rd floor rooftop pool deck of the Queen Kapiʻolani Hotel, DECK. features panoramic views of the iconic Diamond Head and world famous Waikiki beach! It was right next to our hotel and across from the zoo, so we were able to take a five minute walk there for brunch! The view is amazing and so is the food! We are a huge breakfast family and the brunch did not disappoint! We ordered the avocado toast, acai bowl, the kids breakfast, and their famous Tokyo pancakes which was amazing! Also for being a preggo they had tons of delicious mocktail options that I could partake in. If you wanted to stay longer or make a day of it, they have a pool right next to the restaurant that you can lounge at as well! The Deck is a cute place to brunch with great food you have to visit.

Queen Kapiʻolani Hotel, DECK, HAWAII, VACATION STYLE


Last but certainly not least if you are venturing out to North Shore area, or visiting Kualoa ranch you have to stop by this famous traditional hole in the wall restaurant. There’s no actual sit in dining, just order to go, and it’s one hundred percent worth the wait if you see long lines. This is the best traditional Hawaiian food on the island.  All I can say is the portions are huge and a great price. We ordered both the combo plates and the regular plates and me and Jayden could share the smaller plates thats how much food there was. We recommend the Laulau, the Kalua Pig & Squid Lu’au, and all the ice cream flavors they have. They do the ice cream different and it is so good! I’m drooling thinking about it. Everything is so good! It kind of reminded me of the Phillipines!



There’s so much to do and visit in Oahu with family. Some places unexpectedly better than others. I am sharing our favorite activities including my least favorite below.

Oahu Hawaii family vacation guide, Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

One of our favorite activities was visiting Kualoa Ranch and doing the catamaran boat ride. Located on the northern part of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch offers so many different activities including horse back riding, ATV rides, and tours of famous movie spots like Jurassic Park, and my personal favorite 50 First Dates. The park is also located right next to a beautiful public beach that rents kayaks and paddle boards, where you can venture to a remote island to hike.

We loved our catamaran ride and tour of the Kualoa Ranch farm and different movie sites. We got to see huge sea turtles and learn about the history and legends of Hawaii. Our tour guide was amazing! I felt like it was one area that wasn’t so heavily governed by all the mask mandates. Next time if we go and I am not pregnant I would have loved to do the horse back ride through the mountains. It looked like a beautiful ride!

KUALOA RANCH, HAWAII, OAHU Oahu ,Hawaii family, vacation guide, SNORKELING,

Hanauma Bay State Park

Another beautiful place we visited was Hanauma Bay State Park to do some snorkeling. This place is great if you want to learn about the reef ecosystem and be up close without being in deep water. It’s great for kids and families. However, after having to pay $25 a person, wait in line, wear mask, and make reservations I don’t think its worth going to again. There are so many free beaches in Hawaii for travelers and some that are less crowded that would probably be more enjoyable. It’s beautiful but not worth the money and all the “rules and regulations” in my opinion.

Hanauma Bay State Park, HAWAII Hanauma Bay State Park, HAWAII


Shopping On Kalakaua Avenue

If you are staying in Waikiki it will be hard to pass up Kalakaua Avenue and all of the shopping malls, boutiques, and luxury shops, especially when the taxes are so low compared to the mainland. There is literally every luxury brand shop right next to each other calling your name to spend all your money, because when you think about it you technically will save hundreds if not thousands shopping in Hawaii instead of Texas. If you are looking to get a deal on a luxury bag in the U.S.A., Hawaii is the state to do it.


Pillbox Hike

So we did this hike for two things, the view and it was technically a short hike. However being 20 weeks pregnant I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. Now don’t get me wrong I did it, and it can be done, however there are some place where it is steep and a bigger belly may get in the way. Also this hike is tucked away behind a neighborhood with no real official sign or parking. You have to make sure you park on the side of the road where you won’t get ticketed or towed.

I’ve seen people hike this barefoot, and we hiked it with sandals, but it would probably be best to have hiking shoes for best footing. When we went the trail was dry so we didn’t have to worry about slipping. I would not suggest hiking this if the trail is wet. It is a dangerous slippery steep slide down. Overall the view is stunning and we enjoyed our hike, but we are definitely a hiking adventurous family so that is kind of our thing on every trip. If you love adventure and  “off the beaten path” trails then this trail is for you.


Pearl Harbor

If you are in Hawaii I feel like it’s obligatory to visit Pearl Harbor as there is so much history. My son is a huge World War II fanatic so this was top of his list. However for me this was probably the least favorite thing I did. Heres why: One so many mandates, mask, vaccine cards, you name it, they had it. Takes away from the fun of actually seeing everything when you have to wear a mask everywhere. It’s not fun when you are pregnant, it’s hot, and you have to walk everywhere.

It can get expensive if you want to tour the ship, the submarine, the museums, and the Arizona memorial. Those things are extra and cost about $100 a person! Honestly I would have been fine with the free part and not spending more than an hour there. But if you want to get the whole experience plan to stay a whole day! We got there at 9am and did not leave till almost 4pm and we didn’t even do everything! I was so tired half way through that I left Josh and Jayden to tour everything while I took a nap in the car. If Jayden wasn’t so into World War II history I would have been fine not going. Crowds, mask, and being on your feet for long hours was not a fun combo for this pregnant mama.


Polynesian Cultural Center

If you are looking to go to a luau and also learn the history and culture of the different Pacific island then you have to go here. We loved that they offered more than just the luau with your ticket but the opportunity to immerse yourself in the different Polynesian cultures. The Breath of Life show was beautiful and very well done. The food was also great!

Oahu Hawaii family vacation guide, POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER

Explore The Different Beaches

One of my favorite things to do while we were in Hawaii  was just relax on the beach. There are so many beautiful free beaches in Hawaii it’s hard to choose which ones to visit. But my personal favorite is Kahana Bay Beach Park. I loved its local feel, and how hidden away it was. There is a fun beach swing with the views of the mountains. I can’t wait to share the beautiful maternity photos we got there! Plus it isn’t crowded at all. It did not feel “touristy”. We were probably the only tourist there. Everyone else looked like locals. It was also located within minutes from our airbnb and fifteen minutes from Kualoa Ranch which was a plus!

Oahu Hawaii family vacation guide, Kahana Bay Beach Park HAWAII VACATION, COUPLES, MARRIAGE, HONEYMOON


Hawaii is a beautiful place. There is so much culture and history that you don’t want to miss. But with the current Covid mandates and restrictions it’s hard to say if it’s worth the money or the time to go during this time. I really hope it does change. But if not and you do decide to go, just make sure to be prepared. The laws are always constantly changing. Overall we love Hawaii and enjoyed our family trip. We hope to visit one day when it has less restrictions and open to all.

Check out our Hawaii Family Beach Photoshoot here!

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If There is One Thing You Can Do to Help Us, Do This.

power of prayer, psalm 43:1, family pictures, high low maxi dress, off the shoulder maxi dress, beach family pictures, family photos, professional family photos

Hey guys so I had this really amazing post for you guys about tips of finding a family photographer,  and of course to share all of these beautiful family photos we took with Olya Helga Photography. But instead I wanted to share what is heavy on my heart lately.  As all of ya’ll know we have been going through a lot down here in Houston with the Hurricane Harvey after math and the flooding that came with it. If you have been watching my Instastories you know we have been unable to reach our family do to the streets being flooded. Family who live not even fifteen minutes away, and it is truly disheartening. But I think what is most disheartening is reading all the negative things people are saying about God’s word and towards the people who preach it. Would you believe me if I told you I was criticized and told I was insensitive because I attributed my family’s safety and our house not being flooded to the power of prayer and to the glory of God? I never thought in my life I would be criticized for my belief, and by a fellow Christian surprisingly, especially during this time where we need prayer the most.

Continue reading “If There is One Thing You Can Do to Help Us, Do This.”