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What’s in My Hospital Bag As A Second Time Mom

hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials

Hi friends,

Hope you have a great week! Officially 35 weeks and we finally packed our hospital bag. This time we are much more prepared than we were seven years ago now that we know what to expect. I remember the one thing I disliked about our first experience was how uncomfortable we were during our hospital stay after delivering our baby. So this time around I added some a few things that would make our stay so much better. Check out What’s in My Hospital Bag As A Second Time Mom below!

hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials


What’s in My Hospital Bag:

Hospital Bag Checklist:

For Packing:

  1. Rolling Luggage – Love a good rolling luggage to put baby, hubby, and my things in for our overnight stay at the hospital. Easy to maneuver and load things on.
  2. Weekender/Mom Bag – I love this monogrammed bag as my mom bag. I put all my labor essentials in this bag.
  3. Makeup Case – Best traveling case to store your makeup. It’s not a necessity but great for getting ready for photos.
  4. Hanging Toiletry Bag – This is a must especially since most hospital rooms lack counter space in their bathrooms. Having a hanging toiletry bag saves space and is easy to pack.
  5. Packing Cubes – These are so convenient for separating and packing baby’s, hubby’s, and my clothes and keeping it organized.

For Baby:

  1. Polaroid – For capturing unedited candid moments during this special time.💛
  2. Baby Monogram Blanket /Swaddles  – Great for taking baby hospital photos
  3. Welcome sign –  For baby announcements
  4. Car Seat/Stroller – We got the Doona because it’s an all in one and so much easier to transport than carrying a car seat. That was one thing I wish we had seven years ago when I had Jayden. I still remember the pain of having to lug a car seat around.
  5. Portable Sound Machine – This is great for white noise for baby since hospital rooms are not always the quietest areas for sleeping babies.
  6. Going Home Outfit – This is a great two piece set to bring for baby’s going home outfit.

For Mom:

During Labor:

  1. Portable Fan – Great for keeping cool and comfortable during labor. Also great for baby for attaching to her stroller to keep her cool during the summer.
  2. Essential oil diffuser – Helps with the hospital smell and provided aromatherapy.
  3. Massage gun – Great for hubs to use on you to help alleviate pain during labor
  4. Slippers – Keep your feet warm and comfy as you labor in the hospital

After Labor:

  1. Waterproof slides – For walking to the bathroom and or taking a shower at the hospital.
  2. Robe – I love this cute Mama one from Amazon. Soft and comfy and comes in different colors.
  3. Nursing Bra – These come in a pack of three and super comfy.
  4. Nursing Friendly Pajamas – I found this gown that is nursing friendly as well as postpartum friendly even if you have had a C-section.

For Dad:

  1. 10ft charging cable – You never know how far the outlets are in your hospital room.
  2. Bluetooth speaker – For playing music or Hypnobirthing during labor
  3. Portable charger – keep electronics charged when you are mobile
  4. Extension cord – gives you extra outlets and reach.
  5. Blanket/Pillow – Provide extra comfort for sleeping on the couch in the hospital rooms.

packing list, hospital bag



For my hospital bag I separated the things I need for labor in my mommy weekender bag, and the things for our stay at the hospital in the luggage. That way we don’t have to bring it in until after I deliver. I separated all of our clothes for baby, hubs, and mine in separate packing cubes for better organization.  I brought my LV tote because it has all my other travel essentials and one of my favorite travel bags. To see what I pack in my LV check out the post below!

Whats In My Travel Bag – Louis Vuitton Neverfull


louis vuitton neverfull, yellow nursery, girl nursery  hospital bag, yellow pajama set, girl nursery, baby girl nursery, baby essentials, pregnancy style


Excited for baby girl’s arrival and we are ready for her. I hope this post helps for any expecting moms out there. Thanks for stopping by!

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Baby Registry Wish List



Hi friends,

Hope you are having a great week! Today I am sharing what was on my baby registry wish list. As a second time mom there were things I loved and things I would have changed. Also since we are in a smaller rent house storage is limited, so I wanted to make sure to get only things I really needed or that could easily be folded up and put away. Check out my baby registry wish list below!




For baby gear these were some of my must have essentials. I had so many recommendations about these items that I wish I had during my previous pregnancy. I can’t wait to try these out and I’ll give you a full review once baby comes and a can use these items.


For transportation there are some items that were a splurge, but definitely worth it in my book. One of them being the Doona travel stroller. It is easy and convenient to travel with baby as an all in one stroller/car seat. I remember how hard it was for me to push a big stroller or even carry a car seat with a baby. Doona Stroller is compact and versatile.

I also opted to get a bassinet egg chair stroller separately for strolling around town. I know it can be a splurge, but having two different travel systems that specialize in different things was something I wanted as a second time mom. However there are less expensive stroller systems that are all in one, if you prefer just one travel system.


Loving these coordinated sets from Copper Pearl. You can get your bed sheets, burp cloths, towels, and baby clothes to all match or coordinate with the same pattern.


If you are breast feeding or pumping I love Bodily Nursing Bras and Breastfeeding Kit. They have great products specifically made for moms!


I love this matching hooded towel and wash cloth set from LouLou Lollipop. They have the cutest designs to choose from for bath time!


For this section I really liked the idea of having portable changing pads so we weren’t restricted to one place. We also got this diaper organizer that we could transfer from room to room since baby will mostly be in our room for at least the first couple months.


For the nursery we asked for things that we knew wanted to decorate for baby girl. You can see our Nursery Inspiration here. I am so excited to see everything put together.


I love these newborn essential kits. I never knew about this for my first, but this would have been such a nice gift idea.


With newborns you don’t really need a lot of toys, so I only asked for a few items that baby girl could use.

We are so thankful for everyone who came to our shower and showered baby girl. I can’t wait to use these items we got from our shower, and we will definitely be doing a review of items we loved, used, or didn’t love once baby comes. I hope this gives you an idea if you are expecting of things to add to your registry. Thanks for stopping by!


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20 Weeks Pregnancy Update

bump progress, 20 weeks, pregnancy

Hi friends,

Hope you are having a great week! It’s cold here in Texas so we have been taking it easy. If you are subscribed to my newsletter then you would have seen my twenty weeks pregnancy update last week. But I thought I would make it a permanent post here on the blog in case you missed it. Last week we had our twenty week scan so I’m sharing some of baby girl’s ultrasound pictures and updates from our doctors below!

20 weeks pregnancy update, bump update

Before going to our appointment I was so nervous and worried baby would be on the smaller percentile because I didn’t feel that my belly was that big, but when they measured her she was measuring four days ahead and in the sixty percentile! Jayden was on forty percentile at twenty weeks and I thought he was big. They told me she will probably be bigger than Jayden when she is born. Plus they kept commenting on how long her legs were! Who knows she might get her dad’s height!

Overall everything turned out great. She was developing perfectly, moving around and “talking” the whole time. It’s probably because we were laughing the whole time. Jayden got to come with me and he had the best comments about baby sister. There’s one picture where her face looks like a skeleton and Jayden kept asking when is she going to get fat like a baby, she looks like a skeleton! Lol it was a good comedy relief considering how stressful these appointments can be.

They did say I had a low lying anterior placenta which is why I could feel her hitting my back so early on. I was wondering why I was getting early back pains with her versus with Jayden. It’s because I have less back padding and more padding in the front of my belly! I do have to come back at 28 weeks to see if my placenta has moved up higher, which it should be. I had the same thing with Jayden, but it turned out fine and I was able to deliver him vaginally.

This is the ultrasound where Jayden thought she looked like a skeleton lol! Below is Baby Girl waving at us!

bump progress, Calvin Klein, 20 weeks pregnancy update

We are so thankful to be halfway through with a healthy baby girl and healthy pregnancy. I can’t wait to meet her, but I am also enjoying the time I have with just me and her. I know this time will fly by so fast! Praying for a safe and healthy second half and excited to see how big baby girl gets. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspiration

girl nursery, glam nursery, yellow, gold, french, nursery, baby, gender neutral, baby girl nursery idea, inspiration


Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well! It’s been quite a week adjusting to the New Year after having a two week holiday. To be honest I haven’t really left the house much or my bed for the matter. But all that down time has given me time to get inspiration for our baby girl’s nursery now that we know what we are having. I’ve always knew I wanted to have a girl and have dreamed of what her nursery would be like. And just like my gender reveal it will not be pink. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure there will be pink accessories and toys but for the most part the primary colors will be yellow and gold which happens to be my favorite colors.  Check out my baby girl’s nursery inspiration below!


Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspiration

For the nursery I wanted to go with a french inspired glam theme. Since baby girl will be born in the summer it would be fitting that her nursery be bright and colorful. I love florals, chinoiserie wall paper, and gold accents. Since we are currently in a rent home, while we build our dream home, I have this fun idea to do a chinoiserie wall paper panel DIY that won’t ruin the walls. Something I can easily remove and transfer into our new home. I can’t wait to share when we’ve completed it. What do you think of this beautiful chinoiserie wall paper mural I found?


I love a traditional gold metal crib and found this one from Pottery Barn. I feel like this crib could be used for a boy’s nursery as well in the future. Check out one of my favorite blogger’s nursery reveal for her son and daughter using a metal yellow crib. I also found this gender neutral glider with storage ottoman for under $500 at Walmart that would work for any nursery. We definitely wanted to get some gender neutral pieces that we could reuse again for our next baby.


For the lighting I couldn’t choose between these two so I put both inspirations up. I am leaning towards the gold and shorter profile chandelier since our ceilings are shorter in our rent house. I also love this coordinating lamp from Target for under $70.


As far as accessories I found this beautiful yellow velvet curtains that I think would really make the room pop. Best part is they are black out curtains and very functional for nap times. I also found this huge 36″ round gold mirror from Target, and pretty tulle crib canopy from Amazon. For the bedding I found this gorgeous set on Etsy. It’s feminine and goes with my french glam inspired theme.


I am so excited now that we have a plan in place for our nursery. Josh is open to whatever I want which makes this mama happy. We probably won’t get started on the nursery until next month after our family trip to Hawaii. But I thought it would be fun to share with ya’ll my ideas, especially if you are like me and looking for other options than pink for a girl’s nursery. I hope you  enjoyed my french glam baby girl’s nursery inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!


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Jayden’s 1st Month


Woot! Woot! What a milestone! Our little man is one month and we survived as parents. I can’t believe how much he has grown! Packed on almost 3 lbs since his birthday. This boy loves to eat, fart, and make funny faces. He is advanced in his motor skills, kicking, grabbing, and holding his head up. It was a crazy whirlwind of a month with many challenges, but in the end we couldn’t be more thankful for our healthy growing boy.

One of the challenges I had as a breast feeding mother was keeping up with his appetite during his growth spurts. By his second week we were supplementing with formula in addition to my breast milk. The restless nights, 24/7 eating periods were both physically and emotionally exhausting for me. I don’t think I could have kept it together without all the help from our family, both of our mothers, and my wonderful husband. He saw me at my worse, barely surviving on two hours of sleep, no shower in days, walking around in stained spit up and breast milk leaked clothes, but always managed to make my days better when he came home. Just watching him be such a good father to our son made me fall in love with him over and over again.

Here are some pictures we took of him for his first  month. I used my new photo editing software Adobe Photoshop my husband got me, and for the first time using it I was pretty impressed at how user friendly it was. I definitely have much to learn as a beginner photographer, but I am pleased with the results. Can’t wait to watch this little man grow!

<3 Dawn

IMG_0003_2 IMG_0012_3