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Easy Faux Lime Wash DIY

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Hope you are doing well. Today I wanted to share one of my first DIY in our new home, an easy faux lime wash DIY paint I did for my son’s bathroom. I really wanted his room to have a spa like vibe so I thought a little lime wash would give his bathroom walls subtle dimension that would create a relaxing atmosphere. After googling lime wash paint, I really didn’t want to have to wait for the lime wash paint to come, plus it was way more expensive than paint. It just wasn’t as readily available, and was a much longer process that I thought it would be.

So being the impatient person that I am, I decided to Pinterest some different alternatives and saw this easy tutorial. Basically it would cut half the time and cost less than regular lime wash paint. Here is everything you need for this DIY tutorial.

Materials List

Painting Pans

Wide Paint Brushes

Blue Tape

Cleaning Towels

Two different color paints from the same paint card

(I used Viel of Dusk and French Grey Linen)

  1. First you will want tape off any edges that you don’t want to get paint on.
  2. Using the darker color paint first, use the wide brush to paint in a X motion on the wall. It is ok to leave unpainted spots on the wall. You will go over that with a second color.
  3. After the first paint has dried, use the lighter color and repeat the step above painting with an X motion.

Once it is dried you will get the results below. A lime wash look for the half the price and time.

I’m really happy with how this DIY turned out. I can’t actually believe how good it looks. I hope this tutorial helps you in your future lime wash paint DIY. Check out more home post here!  Thanks for stopping by!


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lime wash paint DIY

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