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DIY Embroidered Baby Name Sweater

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Hope you are doing well! I wanted to share with you this fun and easy DIY embroidered baby name sweater I did for Ella. Check out the step by step process below!
Baby Name Sweater

Embroidered Baby Name Sweater DIY


You only need four things for this DIY: A knit sweater, yarn, knitting needle, and washable marker. I got everything for under $20.


  1. Outline name with a washable marker on the sweater.
  2. Using a simple chain stitch, stitch over the outline to create the name. Here is a simple chain stitch tutorial that helped me!
  3. Once you are done gently wash the sweater so the marker comes off.
  4. You can add a simple flower stitch for added details.

Watch my tutorial video here!

Baby Name Sweater, diy Baby Name Sweater

It’s really that simple and it took me only a couple of hours to finish. I loved how it turned out, and I will definitely be making more of these for her in the future!

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